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Renaming files with {datetaken}... finer resolution than 1 second?

So I'm renaming a bunch of pictures like this...!Documents/Renaming_with_Metadata.htm

But I was hoping to get timestamps that include milliseconds, or fractions of seconds.

If you're renaming a bunch of pictures that someone has taken in "burst" mode, there are about 6 pictures that will have the same timestamp if the smallest unit of time is a second.

You can do it using the file's modified or created timestamps.

Doing it using EXIF timestamps like datetaken would require an external tool, at least currently. We don't support millisecond precision with EXIF timestamps at the moment.

(Not all cameras write the extra precision data -- e.g. exif:SubSecTime, exif:SubSecTimeOriginal, exif:SubSecTimeDigitized -- into their EXIF tags either, so it may not even be there in the files to extract. Some do, though.)

Renaming identically named files with sequence numbers is also possible, if you just want them to stay in time order after the rename.

OK Thx. Will look at the sequence option.