Renaming folder names (LN, FN --> FN LN)

Can anyone help me out on this? I have tried various buttons and rename presets in the forum but can't seem to do what seems to me a pretty simple thing to do. For some reason, I cannot do it, though...
I'm trying to rename folders (e.g.: Jones, Adam --> Adam Jones) so that it goes from LN, FN to FN LN. As I said, I have tried several samples in the forum and none of them seems to work in my case. I have tried to 'abuse' the renaming a great deal, but I am evidently not abusive enough, I guess :smiley: !

If I have missed something somewhere, I apologize in advance. It is not for lack of trying...

Thanks and here's a toast to the single most important application on any computer I have ever owned. DOpus rules (and it's followers).


DOpus v10.5.2.4 x64 Pro
Windows 8 Pro x64

Try this

xbprm beat me while I was typing. My regexp is slightly different (I think it'll handle the space between the two names better, maybe) so here it is anyway:

Old name: b, (.+)[/b]
New name: \2 \1
Type: Regular expressions

Thanks SO much, xbprm and leo! I've been trying for ages to get it to work and you guys solved it in 15 minutes!

It's help like this that makes DOpus the best software, with the best user community, on the planet...

Thanks again, gang, and if there is anything I can do for the community, I am always ready to give back as well. Cheers, Chris.