Renaming folders does not adopt collections items


this is not a bug report, maybe a feature request.

I've a collection with various items pointing to a bunch of files.
When renaming an item from the collection, this action renames the physical file as well.
OTH, when I rename a physical file on HDD (from withing DO), this additionally renames the collection item.

That's pretty cool and highly appreciated since I work with collections very often!

However, when renaming the folder where the files of the collection is located, this does not automatically "move" or change all appropriate collection items, to let them point to the correct physical files and folder.

I guess there is no option available to get this action done, maybe it has technical reason why this is not implemented?


If you add folders to collections "as members" you can rename the folders in both directions. When you use "sub-collections" it won't. work. Maybe you set "sub-collections" as default at some point.

Hi and thanks for your reply!

I've added those files in question by using this dialog and I've used the button Sub-Collection because I wanted DO to add the origins folder as the collection name.

At the end this wasn't the best bet either because I initially thought, that when new files are stored inside the origin folder, they are automatically be added to the collection.This was of course not the case (or did I'm made sthg. wrong?)

OK, so basically DO does respect folder renaming within collection items or within the item's source, but not when taking the steps above.

Thanks for clarification!

Making a library instead of a collection would may be a better fit for what you're aiming for.

But I like collections very much, you know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks anyway for your suggestion!