Renaming groups of files

I need to rename a group of photo files with no spaces in the name.
Using File Manager I can highlight a group of folders & rename the 1st file & it will rename the rest with a (2) (3) (4) . I need to rename without the space & () . Is this possable in Opus9? If not can I remove the spaces on a group of files?


The (2), (3), (4), etc. is normally only added if those names already exist. Are you trying to rename all of the files to the same name?

Yes I want to name all the files the same with a number after it.
Such as monument-valley-1, monument-valley-2, monument-valley-3
In Windows File Manager I highlight the group & type monument-valley on the 1st one & the rest will say monument-valley (2) etc.
It puts a space & brackets around the number which the website does'nt like. Is there anyway to Opus9 can rename & not put a space or bracket?
I would put monument-valley- on the 1st one & let it rename the rest with a number.

You can do batch renames (renaming more than one file at once) easily in Opus by selecting the files in question and clicking the Rename button on the toolbar.

If you show us some examples of the old names and desired new names we can help you work out the exact wildcards to use.

Such as :
Drive to Valdez (26).jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-26.jpg
Drive to Valdez (27).jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-27.jpg
Drive to Valdez (28).jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-28.jpg
Drive to Valdez (29).jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-29.jpg
Drive to Valdez (30).jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-30.jpg

P7070262.jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-26.jpg
P7070262.jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-27.jpg
P7070262.jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-28.jpg
P7070262.jpg needs to be drive-to-valdez-29.jpg

Whatever I rename the group as , it has to have no spaces & lower case

The following rename preset will handle case 1 (there are probably better ways to do it :slight_smile: ):

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rename_preset case="alllower" script="yes" type="regexp" typeval="0">
(.) ([0-9]).(.*)


To use it, simply save the code as a .orp file and then, in Opus, from the Advanced Rename dialog, simply create a new preset (with any name you like) and then import this .orp from the File menu to your new preset. You can then access this preset as you would any other.

For case 2, something like this is all you need to do:

For the first one you could give the following button a try (copy and paste the entire code below to a blank spot on a toolbar while you have opus in customize mode)

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Renames files my way
Change to lowercase, remove spaces and parenthesis

Rename CASE=lower
Rename PATTERN " " TO "-" FINDREP @nodeselect
Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.)(()(.)())(.*)#" TO=\1\3\5

Oops, jon beat me to the punch. lol

Or here's a combination of jon's and mine presented as jon posted his.

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rename_preset case="alllower" script="yes" type="regexp" typeval="0">


Thanks Jon,

2 is exactly what is needed.

Don't know why I would do it any other way.
Very simple.
Now I can finish uploading all my travel photos to my website.
You have no idea how much time this will save me.

I must admit #1 was greek to me.
I don't know where to begin to put this code.
I just downloaded this program & I am not familiar with the interface yet.
Still trying to figure out what I can do with it.