Renaming in "My Computer" doesn't work anymore

Hi. I have no idea how this happened. I can rename let's say a hard drive with drive letter F:\ and call it anything, for example
F:\ELEPHANT but somehow this only works through the Folder Tree. If I open a Lister (my default points to my hard drives) it's
impossible to just click a drive once and simply change its name.
A little bit of help would be very appreciated, Thank you :slight_smile:

What do you mean by impossible? What happens when you try?

Right click the drive button and select Properties.

Regards, AB

When I single click once a drive, then once more, like you would for a classic folder, the name of the drive doesn't highlight and I can't type a new name.
I can of course go through the right click routine, but the other method used to work, didn't it?

Ok yes I see what you mean, and yes I think this did used to work. Will investigate...

Update: Fixed in

I am having the same problem: Can't rename hard drives. In addition, it's copying the name of other drives on the network.

Did you install or

I'm running When checking for updates, it says this is the current version.

This is a separate, but related issue: External drives are misnamed on the network. Cross-checking this in Windows Explorer shows that WE does not make the same misnaming mistakes. Something appears to be amiss. Perhaps there's a beta version that will address these issues?

Thank you.

Misnamed how?

(Edit: This sub-thread has a thread of its own now: Inconsistent naming of some external HDDs)