Renaming in the folder tab


I purchased Opus after 2 months of evaluation and it's the best file manager i know.

I have one question though. It's seems there is a new function i didn't know before. When i open a folder i can click on the folder tab in the lister and i can rename it. It should rename the folder, right? Well, it doesn't - it only renames the tab. Besides, there is only a limited space in the tab for the new name, very strange.

Any thoughts on this?


[quote]Folder Tabs can also be renamed. When a custom name is set for a tab, that name remains in force irrespective of folder changes. To rename a tab, single-click the label, or right-click the icon and choose Rename Tab. Tabs can also be given names in the Edit Folder Tabs dialogs in Preferences.

You can rename the tab for your own needs, it's not the directory that you rename, only the tab.
It's just a label.

[quote]Besides, there is only a limited space in the tab for the new name, very strange.
It's maybe related to the settings "Maximum tab size" in the preferences (Lister\folder tabs).

Oh, a pity. Would be a good idea if it renamed the directory too. Maybe i will make a feature request.

The feature allows people to give logical names to their tabs. It's most useful when the directory names don't mean much themselves, or when you have tabs open for several directories that all have the same names.

Making it rename the actual directory would annoy all the people who asked for the existing feature. :slight_smile: I guess it could be an option though.

You could always make a button or hotkey which renames the current folder if it's something you do a lot.

I think Nudel's idea about a button (or hotkey) would probably be 'faster' unless you wanted to be able to rename a tab that is not currently the 'active/selected' tab...

But it's weird that some context menu entries don't show up when clicking RMB on tab folder names... what I'm getting at is that sveto could have the functionality he wants by clicking RMB on the folder tab 'name' to popup the 'All folders' context menu... instead of RMB on the tab icon which gives us the 'tab menu'.

I'm sure there's a reason some operations are supressed when clicking RMB on the actual folder name... not sure what it is though.

A rename entry for the folder in the folder tab context menu is a good idea!

Keep in mind that there are two context menus involved depending on what part of the folder tab you click on... the one you get if you click RMB on the folder tab 'icon' is the 'Folder Tab' context menu that has the few items that are specific to managing the actual 'Tabs'... The other is just the regular context menu that you would get the same as if you clicked RMB on a folder in the file display part of the lister...

If you really have to have such a feature, then submit a Feature request for an Opus 'Rename' context menu item to NOT be supressed with whatever other commands are supressed... but in the meantime, you can:

  • goto Settings->File Types...
  • in the 'File Types' dialog that appears, double-click on the 'All folders' entry
  • in the 'Edit 'All folders' File Type' dialog that appears, click on the 'Context Menu' tab
  • click the 'New' button and from the 'Type' drop-down select the option 'Run an Opus function (not supported in Explorer)'
    ' from the 'Function' drop down select 'MS-DOS Batch Function'
  • paste the following commands into the edit window for this new action:

@runmode hide
ren {f} {Rs|New folder name...}

This will use the regular system 'rename' command, and will let you rename the folder to whatever you type in the Opus dialog that pops up... HOWEVER, because you're not using 'Opus' to rename the folder, you won't be able to Ctrl+Z to undo the rename if you goof.

Kluge... but works.

Thanks Steje, i think i will try this out in the next days. I suppose in case of an error i can use the explorer undo on the desktop.