Renaming multiple files in one operation in Opus 11

A file utility I used to have was able to rename multiple files with one command. for instance, file 1, file 2, file 2, file 4 could in one operation all be renamed to say, picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4. Can Opus 11 do this? If not, could you make it so?

Thanks for a wonderful program. As you know I've been using it since I discovered it on the Amiga.

You can easily select multiple files and rename. See here in the Help.

Regards, AB

Then there is the excellent dynamic renamer.

Dynamic Renamer - Directory Opus Resource Centre

Yet more bells and whistles.

Dynamic Renamer is worth checking out, but overkill for such a simple rename that the built-in functionality can handle very simply and without requiring you to install Perl.

Numering Files, linked from the page Abr linked above, should cover all you need if you want to number files from scratch.

If the files are already numbered and you literally only want to replace the "file " prefix with a "picture " prefix then it is even easier:

Type: Wildcards
Old Name: file *
New Name: picture *

Overkill indeed, Dynamic Renamer, but I took the question to be a more general one about renaming.

When it comes to questions aboiut renaming, my first port of call is usually the dedicated section of the forum:

Rename Presets - Directory Opus Resource Centre

Lots of good stuff there.