Renaming multiple files

DOpus newbie, so please forgive any and all transgressions!
I've looked (through Search) for previous enquiries regards multiple renaming features - seemed to crash server, so either too many - or none! Even watched a Flash video of renaming (too fast for training newbie!).

Anyway, Question: can Dopus8.1 do multiple file renaming?
Example: many files (48 per day) need to be renamed on a weekly basis.
The files have a Date basis (i.e. 2005-08-09-xxxx) and these need to be changed so that either 7 days is added or the month is incremented (from 08 to 09, etc). The content stays the same, just the date increases.

I have found another program (or two!) which does it using a nice GUI (Complete File Renamer 2!), but already having DOpus as my tool of choice just wondering whether I can select these 48 file blocks and choose which iteration of the day or month (or ultimately year) to find/replace/"rename"

Need file rename to handle this pattern:
2005-08-08-1240.seq to become 2005-08-15-1240.seq
2005-08-08-1320.seq to become 2005-08-15-1320.seq

What hope is there for DOpus to handle this level of multiple renaming?

Hope someone can answer simply!

JW - An elderly bear of very little brain!
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Mark your files, click on the rename icon in toolbar (document with yellow question mark).
Choose "Search and replace"

Let it search for
and replac eit with what ever you want

Well, you don't really 'need' regex or find and replace since neither of them offer any sort of ability to 'add' a number to a numeric value taken from the original filename AFAIK - which is too bad and worthy of a feature request I'd say.

Other than that you could do something like this to minimze the amount of clicking and typing you might otherwise wind up doing in the dialog: dopusrt /cmd Rename FROM --{dlgstring|current day of month to rename}-.seq TO --{dlgstring|new value}-.seq.

The problem with this approach is that there's no sort of conditional logic - i.e. as you approach the 24th of the month you would need to run a separate command to ALSO ask and rename the month token of your file names... a little homegrown program that determines what to tell Dopus to rename the files to might be best :frowning:.

Yes it does take a program to do this.

Well, thirty days has September, April, June, and November.
All the rest have thirtyone, except February which can be a leap year.

I'll think on it :sunglasses: .


Edit Note: Astronomy was so much easier. :sunglasses: LOL
I'll try to write a program.

I'd do it the way Walser suggested. Just make sure you have the DOpus rename dialog box in advanced mode and also enable the Find And Replace option.

As a side note depending on the names of the rest of the files in the folder you might be able to select everything with the rename function only applying to the files which match the 2005-08-08- criteria.

Hi John,

Yeah, I'd say you're right here.

I don't want to hijack the topic , but I started a program on this idea this morning.
I think the idea of renaming all the files and folders in the directory that match a name pattern is the correct idea.
That way the program needs to be run only once.

I'd just find all the files and folders in the directory and load matching names into a struct.
A Dopus dialog string would provide the argument of the number of days to increment or decrement the name by.
The current day is the zero point and year, month and day are then found for each struct member.
No need to use a Modified Julian Date ( Gregorian Calendar ) .

It probably will run very fast too.

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Now this would be a nice feature to add to Opus since it involves file management and I could get rid of the program I use: Bulk Rename Utility (

I use this function many times a day.

I maped a key combination to this function (ctrl+R), but here is how you can do this;

1> select the seq of files you want to rename
2> choose File>File Command>Rename
3> "2005-08-08-1320.seq to become 2005-08-15-1320.seq"

Old Name: --08-.
New Name: --15-.
(leave choice to right, Standard)

  • or simply -
    Old Name: 2005-08-*-1320.seq
    New Name: 2005-08-15-1320.seq

[this is assuming you are not looking to rename the extention which is unknow to a number sequence, as this is not what you've stated.
So, in that case you would change the choice to the right to number and select sequence and use something like this:
Old Name: (.).(.), New Name: \2.[#]... Easy enough, eh]

*Use the asterisk for anthing you want to keep, but I've found that if you have spaces, hyphen or under scores they are better left in place.

I've renamed upto a hundred files at once in this manner and it has worked ever time.

Note: If you mess up with the *'s you can use Edit>Undo and the files, all of them, will revert to the old names w/o any problems!


Thanks to Lunar for his fab suggestion as to how this can be accomplished. I didn't realize so many people were also trying to do something similar!

I'll be trying it out tomorrow (well, later today, actually) but my bed is calling and the eyelids are heavy!! Old age, you know! :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks to the other contributors. I hadn't meant to overlook their thoughts too!

dcwebman wrote:
Now this would be a nice feature to add to Opus since it involves file management and I could get rid of the program I use: Bulk Rename Utility ([/quote]

Opus does most of that, if not all of it, already. :slight_smile: