Renaming of folders

I have seen there is a description how to get a button which will create a folder named by date. I have the problem that my Camera software creates a folder with german time stamp - that is for today 15.01.2005.

However that is bad for sorting according to date. What I need would be renaming it to 2005-01-15. I this could be added to the "Vorgaben" window if I choose rename - but how is the syntax ?

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You want a regular-expression rename from:




If you want that as a button:

[DOpus.ButtonInfo] Name=Swap Date Order Icon=16,9999999 Flags=102,0,0 Color=0,a0a0a0 Tooltip=Change from to yyyy-mm-dd Func1=Rename REGEXP PATTERN ([0-9][0-9])\.([0-9][0-9])\.([0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]) TO \3-\2-\1

That´s it exactly. Thank you for your quick answer. I´ve added the regular expression and it works fine. It´s a problem of my german ACDSee importer. I don´t know how to change the name and location, I missed that upon installation and have choosen the defaults unfortunately....
But now with opus - it´s so simple. Can´t imagine how I could have survived as long without that tremendous program...

best regards