Renaming question

Why the following doesn't work as supposed (formating strings after | don't work) in Rename dialog, for images with proper EXIF data?



try this :wink:

Oh yes, of course :slight_smile:
I can't find this in help. Is it there at all?


It's missing from the main help file but it is mentioned in the Opus 9 release notes:

[quote]The {modified} and similar date/time fields when used by the Advanced Rename function can now accept a date formatting string. For example, {modified|T#HH-mm-ss} or {shootingtime|D#yyyMMdd}.
Note the T# and D# which are necessary to specify time or date. Additionally, {date} and {time} now work in the rename dialog.[/quote]

It's also demonstrated in these two posts in the Rename Scripts forum:

[Rename help w/Exif Data)
[Add the current date and time to a file's name)

I'm just pointing out the places where it can be useful to look if the manual seems light on details so you can find stuff. Please continue to point out anything like this that you notice is missing from the main manual, even if the information is available somewhere else, as all of the information should be in the main manual and we're keeping a list of stuff that needs to be added or improved.