Reorganizing folder tabs

The only way to rearrange the folder tabs is to go to preferences and moving them up or down on the edit folder tabs dialog box.

I would instead prefer to drag them around on the main screen instead of going to preferences. This would be more intuitive, timesaving and user friendly.

From your description I am assuming that you are editing the tabs in the Lister Styles section of prefs (thats the only place I can find where you can re-order them in prefs).

Why don't you just dragndrop them as required in the lister and then resave the layout using Settings - Lister Layouts - Save This Lister ?

The tabs used for Lister Styles (not to be confused with Folder Tabs) cannot be reordered, they're done alphabetically. I posted a feature request to GPSoftware on this just the other day - hopefully we will gain the ability to reorder these with a future version.

Lister style tabs? I never mentioned them. I'm talking about folder tabs. The place in preferences where you can reorder them is in Listers > Folder tabs. But I want to be able to reorder them on the fly, by physically moving the tabs around on the main lister view.

UPDATE: I've found out how to do it! You have to click and drag the folder ICON, not the folder name that appears on the tab. :smiley:

So you are actually talking about Tab Groups, which contain multiple Folder Tabs.

Anyway, you seem to have worked out how to drag n drop them.