Repack RAR files (Solid CBR to uncompressed Comic Archives)

Who can help me for a script (or hints on how) to do the following magic:

[ul]1 - I want to select multiple CBR files (Comic-book RAR files)
2 - Press a DOPUS button that does the following:
3 - Unpack each archive (to a temp folder?) and repack it using different packing settings (no compression, just store).
4 - resulting in the same archive with the same name (file must stay in same directory - even when selected from flat view)[/ul]

I don't mind if the process is very slow. My PC can work while i sleep :slight_smile:
I won't care if the resulting file is a bigger.

I have looked at the scripts for Packing RAR to ZIP, but I can not get it to work on multiple files with different settings and same name?
Anybody up to the task?

Reason for this: I read lots of comics, but solid-packed comics are slow to open, cause errors and are not flexible in terms of cacheing and battery use on my tablet.

Maybe there is an easier way. Convert to ZIP (CBZ) instead of CBR.

The command/script that has to execute for each file is:

c:\progra~1\winrar\winrar cv -y [filename].rar ren [filename].zip [filename].cbz

Now how do i go about and make sure there are no duplicates left :slight_smile:

More info:
I found a script and a tool to help:


[code]@ECHO OFF
REM Based on
REM Mass Zip, RAR to 7Zip Recompression Batch File by Andrew Armstrong
REM Find all .cbr and .rar files in the current directory, recompress them into .cbz and .zip files - but do not delete the originals.

ECHO Searching for CBR and RAR files to recompress into CBZ (Comic Book Zip) archives.

for %%F in (.cbr .rar) do (
ECHO Found %%F to recompress...
REM Extract...
"C:\Program Files\7-zip\7z" x "%%F" -o"%%F contents"
REM Does the directory exist? has 7zip created it correctly?
IF EXIST "%%F contents" (
REM Change directory, create zip of contents of directory...
CD "%%F contents"
REM remove banners
DEL /F /S /Q z

REM Delete Thumbnail files.
DEL /F /S /Q Thumbs.db
REM compression level is 0, store only.
"C:\Program Files\7-zip\7z" a -tzip "../%%~nF.cbz" * -mx=0
CD ..
REM Delete the temporary extraction folder
RMDIR "%%F contents" /S /Q
ECHO Recompressed %%F to
ECHO Search ended.


Tool to recompress (and convert images to WebP-format):

If anyone finds this through a search, this cbr to cbz button might be of interest.

@STRANGERNL, in case you are still interested here is exactly what you have been looking for: Comic Book CBx-To-CBx Convert & Resize v1.40

Thanks! I will look into it.
Still need a better way then I'm using now. Thanks for the link!