Repair startmenu-icons

Sometimes in Windows some startmenu-icons are shown with a generic symbol and not the original.

This will repair them (clears IconCache.db with Windows Built-In commands):

@runmode hide Taskkill /f /IM Explorer.exe Delete %LOCALAPPDATA%\IconCache.db QUIET Explorer.exe

FWIW, on Windows Vista and above you can use my little Clear Icon Cache program to do this in a slightly cleaner way. (It asks Explorer to quit and restart using the API for doing so, rather than killing the process while it may be in the middle of something, e.g. updating config data.)

It's not built into Windows, of course, but it is just a standalone EXE with no installation/config required.

Yes, I saw your link, but I thought to post a solution without using an external tool :slight_smile:. Never had problems killing the exe - and sometimes things in Windows must be killed :slight_smile: (joking)

It's best to avoid killing processes if you can, and in this case you can.

It's a lot easier to copy one tiny EXE to somewhere and run than than it is to deal with possible problems caused by corrupt registry/config data (etc.) which are a pain to diagnose when they happen...

Still, it's your computer. :slight_smile: