'Replace' Button

May I suggest the following:

Add to the ‘Replace’ button ‘Keep all’ and ‘Rename all’ when a box comes up saying there are duplicates.

Those options are already there:


Thanks for the link. In my situation I have pressed Ctri and F3, made the necessary alterations and pressed OK. Then if there are duplicates, it comes up with a box which does not allow me to 'replace all'.ie the option in the link above does not appear. Any suggestions? Greg.

Ctrl-F3 doesn't do anything by default. Is that a custom hotkey? Which command are you running?

Does the Replace dialog look like the one in the manual, or something else?


Sorry for the delay in responding - other things got in the way! No, it does not look like that.

What I do is I highlight the documents that I wish to alter the title. Then I press Ctrl 3. The list appears. I then do the amendments. Then I press OK. If there are already similar named documents the 'replace' box appears and gives me two choices to replace and keep file or replace and delete file which is fine, but if I have a number of files which have the same issue, there is no 'all' button.

I see. You're talking about batch-renaming files, and what happens if you specify patterns that result in the names for multiple files ending up the same.

That doesn't have a "replace all" function but you should not normally see the Replace option when batch-renaming unless you've done something wrong and caused name conflicts, in which case it's probably best to deal with them one-by-one or cancel the rename and re-think what's being done.

Or are you intentionally trying to delete files in this way, via Rename? That's unusual, at least.

In Opus Pro, you can edit the Rename button to add the WHENEXISTS=delete or similar argument, which would suppress the prompt and always use the specified answer.

In Opus Light you could add a similar button to a custom toolbar, but can't edit the default toolbar and Rename button.