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Replace Context Menu

Hi all, i would like to replace the windows standart context menu with the right mouse button by the context menu of dopus (keep select the files under) but i want to have in the dopus context menu an entry that display the context menu of windows and not only in power ? =) ... indowsonly

thanks jon, i look at it but sorry it's too high for my knowledge, to be more sharp, but perhaps there is an another solution for me,how can activate the dopus menu but keep selected files ? because at the end it's that,it's annoying to loose selected files when activating the dopus context menu,i you have any idea around this, purpose me, i'm on it (^.~)

( someone can purpose directly custom context menu exported in a files)

I'm not sure what you mean about keeping selected files. Could you elaborate on that?

Moving the non-Opus context menu items into a sub-menu is very easy. You simply turn on the Preferences option mentioned in the post Jon linked, then edit the All Files & Folders context menu and add a new sub-menu, within which is the command in the post Jon linked: