Replace explorer makes Firefox crash (SOLVED)


To stop Firefox from crashing when clicking the "create subfolder" icon before saving a download file, I had to stop using DO's Replace explorer for all file system folders (recommended) function.

The file I was trying to download : (doh!)

After configuring DO to Don't replace explorer, restarting both DO and Firefox, I was able to create a subfolder before saving a download in Firefox.(no more crash)

Anyone able to reproduce please ?

  • Directory Opus 10
  • Windows7 32bit SP1
  • Firefox 4.0.1
  • Reproducible : ALWAYS

Create subfolder button? Does that come from a Firefox extension?

Do you mean the New Folder button in the standard File-Save dialog?

That works okay for me in Firefox 4.0.1.

Well, as per your post in another topic I re-installed this newer version, and now no more crashes. :astonished: