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I have replaced notepad on my system with a new piece of software called Notepad++ which supoorts syntax highlighting for bat files, ini files etc among other things. If possible I would like Notepad++ to display these sorrts of files in opus when I press F10. In otherwords replace the default catch all text viewer . and get Notepad++ to show these files instead. Any way to do this?

go to settings-filetypes & replace "left diuble click"-event to ..\path\notepadd++ {f} in Directory Opus file types-NONE-All Files.
it doesn't acts on archives, pictures & other dopus 'nature' file types.

Hi fkast,

I can get the files to open in Notepad++ when I double click them, it's the opus preview pane (F10) that I'm talking about. I want the preview pane to use Notepad++ to preview the files and not the default text viewer.

Reck... You can't just "swap in" any application to appear in the space of the built-in viewer pane. This requires a 'plugin' to be created to process files...

However, Rhinobanga made a "SourceCodeViewer" plugin a while back which happens to use the same exact editing engine (Scintilla text editor) that Notpad++ was built from... So I highly suggest you check that out. It accomplishes what you want, and should 'look' and feel similar if not the same toy your regular Notepad++ experience as it's'built from the same engine. There are configuration possibilities to tweak things the way you might like as well... Though I'm not super familiar with the extent of customization you can do... Check the plugins forum for the download.

Hi steje didn't know there had to be a middle-man. I thought you could just tell opus what program to use to display what file.

I'll take a look at that plugin you mentioned sounds like it'll work just fine, thanks for the info.

You can tell Opus to run Notepad++ (or any other program) to view a file but making two programs "join together" so that one runs inside the window of another one (i.e. to display a file inside Opus's viewer pane) is only possible if the other program provides some kind of API, ActiveX control, or similar.

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I see the message about joining is older, but that sounds really useful. Where can I get more info about joining Opus with (specifically) Notepad++ and other programs? Thanks