Reproducible freeze/crash

I was doing some toolbar customization when Directory Opus froze and stopped responding, so I restarted it. I tried the same sequence of events, and it froze in the same exact place. I'll paste a video below, which would be the third time I did it. The freeze occurs at 0:27 in the video.

The sequence of events I do to recreate it is to copy and paste the two toolbar selection things into the menu button on the right, and it freezes upon pasting the second one. Also I notice that after restarting directory opus, neither of the buttons I pasted into the list are there (which you can see when I click the
menu button in the video), so it might not have even copied the first one correctly.

I'm not sure if this is due to some unique configuration for me, but let me know if there's some way to create a debug log.

Confirmed, happens here as well. We'll get that fixed!

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Ah interesting, I wondered if it was something about my configuration

I think there's a general problem with "paste into menu".

As a temporary workaround, drag & drop of the menu items into the button-menu works OK. (While dragging, hover over the button-menu to open it, then hold Ctrl as you drop, to copy them without changing the original menu.)

We've found the cause and have fixed it for the next beta. Many thanks for reporting it!