REQ: Create Folder while copy/move?

Hello to all,

There is a ongoing exchange of thoughts in the Help-forum
titled: "Create Folder while copy/move ?"

With thanks to: steje / BuckyB ..

The idea is that I often wish to copy (or move) files from the left
window panel to a folder in the right window panel.

Sometimes I realize it would be handy to put them in a new folder
in which case I must either start a 2nd session of DO (creating new folders)
or -within the same session of DO- go to the left windowpanel and
create a new folder: in which case I must again select the files (annoying if only a few out of list of hundred...)
Anyway, some extra steps need to be taken.

Suggestion is to make a RMB-option available that would allow users to
create a new file first and -after clicking 'ok' the files are then to
be moved/copied to that newly created folder.

Select files (right windowpanel)
RMB-click on Move (or copy) to ...
New item "create new folder"...
when using this new item: Window pops up with [ok] [cancel] [new..]
Click on new - enter folder name -
Click ok, again ok, that's it, files are copied/moved

just roughly the idea...

Hopefully there will be enough support for this so it will be introduced

Thank you and good luck with Directory Opus.

You can make a button which does this to the selected files in one click:

Copy TO=ask

Usually if I want to do this myself I'll create the folder in the other side of the lister, then drag the files into the folder. (You can drag files into a subfolder without having to navigate to it, unless the option is turned off in Preferences).

Alternatively, if I didn't want to mess with the right-hand side, I'd Ctrl-C to copy all the selected files, then create the folder in the left-hand side (without caring that I'll lose my file selection since it's now in the clipboard), then Ctrl-V to copy the files to where I want them.

In case anyone on this old thread hasn't noticed, with the release of update, GPSoft has added a CREATEFOLDER argument to the Copy command which allows the creation of a new folder to be used as the destination for a copy/move op. Personally I use it like so:

dopusrt /cmd Copy TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to COPY items to...|{d}}"

... because I like to see the destination path in the dialog that opens up. Otherwise, you can just use something like Copy TO HERE CREATEFOLDER and Dopus prompts you with it's own dialog "Enter the name of the destination folder to create.".


steje, the more I read your posts, the more I find solutions to my little questions. I'm almost tempted to ask you to just give a general list of your own personal modifications to Dopus, I'd probably learn a lot. However, that's probably more suited for an offboard email. Thanks for the Copy routine, I was looking for that a long time ago, but never really put in the effort to figure it out.

Will the following work? Assuming i wanted to move instead of copy?

dopusrt /cmd Move TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to MOVE items to...|{d}}"


Try this instead:

dopusrt /cmd Copy MOVE TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to MOVE items to...|{d}}"

There isn't a "move" command in Opus. Instead, you still use the "copy" command but add the "move" argument to change its behaviour.


LOL - the same misunderstanding of 'MOVE' vs 'COPY' came up in the other thread.

For the record, I've been using what Nudel just mentioned in addition to the other command I posted for RMB drag and drop operations:

Drop Menu:
Copy to new folder:
dopusrt /cmd Copy TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to COPY items to...|{d}}"

Move to new folder:
dopusrt /cmd Copy MOVE TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to MOVE items to...|{d}}"

I also use hotkeys bound to slightly altered commands:

Copy to new folder:
dopusrt /cmd Copy TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to COPY items to...|{s}}"

Move to new folder:
dopusrt /cmd Copy MOVE TO HERE CREATEFOLDER "{dlgstring|Specify folder-name to MOVE items to...|{s}}"

The difference being I only ever use the hotkey when I want to Copy/Move files to a new dir in the current folder by way of using the {s} control code instead of {d}.

OK, I've been trying to do the following...
In this same copy/move dialog, is there a way to make the dialog list the files that are being moved/copied? I tried a bunch of arguments, but none of them worked. What do you think? Just a little something extra, has no real value. Also, would it be a problem if, for example, hundreds of files were selected and they couldn't all fit in the screen?

I don't think there's any way to do this...

steje, I have two questions for you...

  1. What are file collections and how are they useful?

  2. I have two lister layouts "saved". In one layout, I want all new tabs to open in power mode. In the other layout, I want all the new tabs to open in details mode. Is this possible?


See page 119 of the manual (page 128 in Acrobat Reader).

Layouts save the modes so all you have to do is set up all the tabs how you want them and save the layout.

Thanks for the file collection tip.

As for the saved layout, let me clarify my question. How does Dopus decide what mode to set new tabs to once they are created? Is there a default tab setting somewhere? When I double-click on an empty tab space, a new tab is created that is a duplicate of the one next to it, which I like, however, even if the existing tab is in Power mode, the new tab is in Details mode. If it's going to copy the properties from the existing tab, why doesn't it copy the mode also?

hey there superboy - shall we break these discussions out into separate topics from Create Folder while copy/move :slight_smile: ?