Req: iPod Filesystemplugin

I found this today and was wondering if it would be possible to do something similar for Directory Opus?

iPod Filesystemplugin for the Total-Commander


You could try the Opus Total Commander plugin and see if this plugin works with it.


I don't have TotalCommander, and have no desire to have it clutter my disk just for this one thing, so could someone out there tell me if this combination works correctly in DOpus? On my end it seems to work about half-way. I can see the directories as (I think) was intended, but I can't see anything about the acutal files.

Any insights? Thanks!


I did some work with the iPod filesystem for another project. It's certainly possible, but there are some pitfalls.

Basically, the iPod dumps files in numbered directories, numbering each file. All the metadata (artist, song name etc) are stored in a database file. The format of this file is quite simple and fairly easy to manipulate. However, Apple do change it occasionally so you have to keep an eye open.

When doing anything to a music file on the iPod, you have to update the database to match. It's not particularly hard.

The biggest problem will be how the feature will operate in practice. The obvious way would be to show a directory structure like Artist\Album\Song.mp3. That would make copying off the iPod easy, but how would you copy to it? If you tried to dump a bands songs into the directory of another band, what would happen?