Request: Changing All (or almost all) Colors at Once

I am a user of light colors generally, so i rarely use dark mode, but when i want to do so, i prefer gray or darker gray, rather than black or something very dark.
This said, when I played with the colors for a few a hours, I managed to almost get a gray theme for myself. But It took too much time, also i did not manage to change some colors, either because I didn't find the option or because there is none. What would be nice for lazy people like me is a general button for as many colors as possible, where you choose the color once, almost for everything (lister background, tabs, location bar, search bar, etc.).
This way would be much faster to experiment and see what you prefer. I would choose everything gray and go from there, maybe changing some colors after that, to get the needed contrast.
As a user of mostly light themes this isn't a priority for me, more an observation and an idea for the devs. Basically, the colors customization should offer an additional and simpler way of changing colors, as alternative to the current method.

Themes already provide that, as well as the general Dark Mode toggle in Opus 13.

You mean the Themes that i can download from this forum? I know that, but my understanding is they will also change many other things, like icons, toolbars, shortcuts... and I wish I could play with color of the whole Dopus windows in an easier way, without changing anything else. You change color, whooo.. you have green Dopus, change color again, hmmm... now you have all blue Dopus, and only text color or some other vital settings don't change colors. Anyway, that would be a bonus, so if others don't think this is that important, I'm ok. Thx!

Themes only change cosmetics, and you can choose which aspects they affect when you load them.

Some posts in the Themes are include full configuration backups, which I recommend avoiding. The ones with actual themes won't change unrelated settings.

It sounds like you want a theme generator, which isn't as easy as you might think, since all the colors have to work together in various combinations.

I guess I'll try Themes then, thanks for the explanations! :slight_smile: