Request - disable global hotkeys for some programs

It will be nice if I can disable global hotkeys when specified programs are running. Is it possible to do?

I don't think it is. By the time we know the hotkey has been pushed, the other program would no longer see it.

If you choose to use global hotkeys, you need to choose them carefully.

So maybe at least possibility to temporary disable global DO hotkeys? I can make some small button in lister for time I want to stop using global hotkeys and easy way enable them again without need to close DO and open it again.

Why not choose hotkeys which don't clash with other programs in the first place?

I use things like Ctrl + Alt + D which are very easy to type but unlikely to be used by anything else.

Because I don't know which programs I will use in the future. For example - I use some graphics program and I choose some keyboard shortcuts that have no conflicts. Then I started using some nice music programs that requires some shortcuts that are used in Opus already (and I'm using them often). It will be much easier for me to disable Opus global hotkeys for time I'm using music software than quit Opus every time.

You can turn them on and off from the Customize dialog's list of keys. That's the quickest way.

But if you have to keep turning them on and off, and can't use them in every program, it largely defeats the purpose of them being global.

In case of any confusion, global hotkeys aren't needed if you only want the hotkey to work while Opus is the active window; normal hotkeys do that job and won't get in the way of other programs.

I'm only want to disable some of them for one or two programs. But ok, I'll quit Opus then in case I'll want to use that programs. Much worse solution imo, especially if Opus is so customizable. I though that make small option to disable/enable global shortcuts is easy to made, that's why I ask for that. If is difficult to made and takes lot of time - I'll handle this other way.

If it's only one or two other programs then I don't understand why a hotkey can't be chosen which doesn't clash with them.

That avoids having to turn hotkeys on & off, or exit and restart the program, and as a bonus you can do it today without waiting for us to do a code change.

That's because I like some shortcuts and I use them before Opus. Now I put some of them into Opus and it's ok for me. And THEN I start using new programs - just from time to time, so is not worth to change my habits. So as I say, is much easier for me to quit opus while I use that programs - or use some function to temporary disable only global hotkeys (maybe in the future).