Request: File Rename Dialog - Preserve Date Modified timestamp

I often find it useful to rename batches of files without altering their timestamps. The Date Modified is likely to be relevant in other contexts, so I wish the Rename Dialog operation had an option to preserve the timestamp.

Whether this would also preserve the folder's timestamp is another matter. I can see situations where it would be preferable either way. So perhaps it would be worthwhile having an option for preserving folder timestamp, too.



Renaming files doesn't change their timestamps, or shouldn't at least.

If the timestamp changes when you rename a file, something outside of Opus is causing that. If it only happens on a NAS or similar drive, the NAS is not functioning correctly.

It's also possible something is scanning files in a way which modifies their timestamps for what should be a read-only operation. (e.g. If it only happens with .eml files, that is a long-standing bug in the Windows component that inspects eml files for their icons: )

All I'm doing is using the Rename dialog. The files have only existed for a couple of minutes, and the dates don't change if I don't rename the files.

These are all ripped audio tracks, if that might be a factor....

Are they on a NAS? Does it only happen on the same server/drive/folder, or everywhere?

Do you have something that scans for new audio files and might modify their tags? (Windows Media Player used to do this in the background to re-write their cover art with lower res versions if it was too high-res.)

What happens if you rename the files using another program?

Does it only happen with music files? What about simple text files?

They're not on a NAS, but they are on a removable USB SSD.

I haven't noticed this behavior before. I often rely on the Modified date to create track numbers when they're missing in the ripped files.

I don't have any automatic file modifying programs running, and I'm pretty sure I would have noticed if timestamps were getting changed without my touching those files.

I'll run a few tests with the DOpus Rename dialog and see if it's repeatable, disc dependent, filetype dependent, etc.

Thanks. Good to know Rename isn't supposed to do this. I thought perhaps it was a change since the last update. I'm running 12.12.2 (Beta) x64 Build 6999.

It usually doesn't happen, but it did happen again after an elaborate renaming session in the dialog box. I tried to recreate what I had done, but couldn't reproduce it.

I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I can find a way to make it happen.