Request: Find Panel: "Folder Level Up" Icon

(these requests are based on Opus 11 but most likely also apply to Opus 12. :slight_smile:


in the find panel, I often find myself in a situation where I would like to search within a folder that is nearer to the root directory,
for example, I am currently searching in
and would like to search in

An Up Folder Icon would really be helpful here.

Another thing is, the "Refine" icon in the Find Panel could need some explanation. When I press F1, I do not get any information when I search for "Refine" within the corresponding help page ("Simple Find").

I would like to save sets of folders that I am searching. For example, I may want to switch between searching in these sets (just examples, not thought-through):

set 1
C:\Programs (x86)

set 2

set 3
F:\backup 2

Also I would like to be able to tick checkboxes in front of the folder paths displayed in the Find Panel (not in the select folder dialog, but directly in the list of folder paths to search in)

Also, I tend to avoid the advanced search panel even though it has advantages. I also notice that neither panel makes good use of the width of the screen.

  • I would like to suggest that the advanced panel has several columns so one can have lots of possibilities in view (to check/uncheck) without having to scroll.
  • When I enter text into "name match" in advanced, and then go elsewhere, the field is not longer active when I return, and I need to re-focus. In simple search it remains active. The advanced search panel should be as user-friendly as the simple search, i.e. requiring as view clicks as possible. It also might be helpful to provide the user with a pre-configured set of search requirements (name, path, date) that 100% equals the search options that are immediately available in simple search. In fact simple search should become obsolete (or at least not the default), imho. It doesn't fit within the philosophy of DOpus. It would be better if the advanced panel were designed in a way that makes it even more user friendly, so one can immediately start searching with advanced search even as a newbie.