Request for a new kind of Tab Groups feature (Mock inside)


I'm a working on multiple projects every week and would like to propose a new way of grouping tabs in Listers that I imagine would greatly help to keep things ordered and tidy. I like to only work in a single Lister at all times and being able to group tabs per project would allow me to easily jump between projects.

Here is a mock up I prepared to make it easier to understand what I'm talking about:

In addition to this idea, maybe those "Tab Groups" could be collapsed and expanded as needed to give more room to other tabs whenever needed.

Please let me know what you think or if you have any questions how certain actions would/should work. :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea. :+1:

Nice idea.

You could do something slightly similar now by using a folder tab group for each project, and toolbar buttons that give a list of groups to swap between. I think there’s an option to automatically save changes to the current group before opening the new one.

So you would like to group tabs, right? Additionally I would propose that a tab's color can be fill up the whole tab and not just one of its borders.

Yes, sure. That would be a nice option as well. Recolor the tabs in the same group color or maybe just have an outline color. I think there's are a lot of possible visualization styles that should be configurable.

Oh, that sounds also very interesting. Do you have more info on how this automatic save feature can be set up? I think this and my idea could go very nicely hand in hand even.

A button with Go TABGROUPLIST=savecurrent on a toolbar will turn into a list of your tab groups, and save the active one if you change to another one.

Go TABGROUPSAVE=... also has some related things for saving the current group in other commands. (It's what the first command uses in the buttons it auto-generates.)