Request: How can I filter folders during transfers?

I am evaluating Directory Opus and I am having trouble finding a method to filter entire folders when copying or moving.

I use Subversion, a source code management system, which uses a folder called svn to store status information. This subdirectory exists in every directory of my source tree. When I copy code to another location, I want these directories excluded.

I set up a folder filter on "svn" in the Folder Options dialog. I never see the svn directory when browsing. Excellent.

Unfortunately, this filter is not taking effect during a file transfer.

The only thing I do see is the file transfer filter dialog, but this does not apply to folders.

I think it should work if you set a file transfer filter (i.e. turn on Settings / Copy Filter in the default menus, then start the copy/move) and define the filter to not match subfolders called SVN, as below.

You can probably also filter using the Location field instead, but I think the Subfolder field is easier for this example.

Thank you for the demonstration. It works beautifully.