[Request] New Event: OnScriptOutputLogAdd


here's a request for a new Scripting Event:


I would like to open the Utility Panel (Set UTILITY=otherlog) if sth. has been added to the Scriptlog.

Thanks in advance.

If you're already using your own shared library (as discussed in the other thread), you could replace your DOpus.Output calls with calls to a function that runs DOpus.Output and calls a command to open the utility panel, for the same result (unless you want this for other people's scripts for some reason).

That won't help with script errors, of course, but there's already a flashing red icon on the status bar for them which you can click to open the log. Having a button or hotkey to toggle the log also helps, and sometimes I make the script I'm working on turn it on at the start (then remove that when I'm finished working on it).

I already did this :wink:

But as you said, this won't help with script errors. Sometimes I ignore the flashing icon :confused: