[Request] Tab cycling, reach end, continue from other side

This refers to the behaviour of

Go TABSELECT +1 (set as hotkey Ctrl-tab)
Go TABSELECT -1 (set as hotkey Ctrl-shift-tab)

At the moment, reaching the final tab (either furthest left or right) in the active display,
the above commands should continue going forwards/backwards starting from the first/last tab etc.

I am so used to this and it is standard behaviour in other applications.

Uncheck Setting --> Prefs --> Folder Tabs --> Options --> Display new tab button that opens a new tab.... ?

You will lose the "new tab" button but you can still double click the tab bar to open a new tab.

That was a bug in and fixed in

Confirmed working either way in latest beta.

However there is another important issue directly related to the above.

Having set hoteys ctrl-tab ctrl-shift-tab for forwards and backwards respectively,

Instead of repeatedly tapping the hotkey, I hold it down for a short length of time to say jump to the fifth tab (or near it). Whereas in other applications like chrome, cycling occurs immediately + smoothly..

In Dopus, pressing the key for more than a second causes the display to stutter on the same tab and switch at the end unreliably.

I presume this has to do with programming the hotkeys manually + rate of sent keystrokes.
Maybe it could be fixed so that repeated triggering of Go TABSELECT command is capped to a certain rate?

Thanks! Above, also implemented in latest beta.