Request: Tab prefix text as part of folder formats

I'm aware we can colour tabs as part of the Folder Formats, but I'd also like to be able to prefix the tab text.

e.g. if I'm anywhere in my Dropbox folders I colour the tab blue, just to remind me I'm on dropbox.

However I have both work & home dropbox folders, so putting "H" or "W" in front of those tabs would be super helpful.

I would imagine this being a new setting in the Edit Format / Options tab.


I suppose being able to set a custom icon would also be nice...

The Tab-Labelizer script add-in may do what you want.

If not, a fairly simple OnAfterFolderChange script could add a prefix to the tabs when below certain folders.

Perfect! Thanks a lot - I must work on my google-fu skills.

Just to follow up: I've solved this via a different method, by using folder labels and adding them to the tab text.

See: Include folder labels in tab!