[request] Thumbnails display options

I work a lot with video and image files which have a widescreen resolution. I think adding this options to thumbnails mode will help to fully use the window space:

  1. option to hide filenames to free the space they use for other thumbnails to use. Sometimes there is no need to see filename - just a thumbnail.
  2. option to allocate the thumbnails vertically (in a way shown on the pics)
  3. option to allocate the thumbnails horisontally (in a way shown on the pics)

another case:

Adding any of this options would be greatly appreciated! Thank you :thumbsup:

Sorry for my English, if i made mistakes.
Is it ok for me to post many requests? is there a limit for requesting?

+1 definitely!

I don't know whether this was possible before I made this topic or not, but the appearance settings in preferences/thumbnails almost do what I requested here. And the command Set THUMBNAILLABELS=toggle works great for me, hiding the filenames.

The only thing I would love you to add is a command like Set THUMBNAILSIZE=[,] or Set THUMBNAILASPECTRATIO=#.##. The current Show THUMBNAILSIZE ,[] would work fine, but it resets to the state defined in preferences if I touch the thumbnail size slider.


The thumbnail size slider maintains the aspect ratio set in Preferences, so if you use e.g. 128x72 you'll get 16:9 thumbnails (with no extra space above them, assuming the things being thumbnailed are also 16:9 or similar) even when using the slider.

(Turn off the "make square" checkbox to the right of the size in Preferences as well, of course.)

If only I could set this size without opening preferences :unamused: as I am constantly changing it...