Requested My Registration Code - Not Receiving It

Hi all,

My main PC is down atm as it keeps tripping the mains. I would like to install DO on my laptop so need to request my registration code in order to do so.

I have done this 3 times now and still not received it yet (though did get a mail when I requested to update a lost password for the forum).

Is there any other way I can retrieve my registration code if the retrieval system is not working?



Check your spam filter.

It's not in my spam filter or deleted items folder either. I am simply not receiving it despite being told it's being e-mailed to me.



Just requested the code for a 4th time and this time I received it. \o/


There's a bit of a delay, I ordered mine at around 4:45pm and got it just now, at 7:10pm.

It's gratifying to see how excited and impatient you all are :slight_smile:

Damn straight! :wink:

I just upgraded to v11 too. \o/


Or you register with a hotmail/live/outlook mail and you will never receive it.

That only affects emails from the forum.

My upgrade registration/cert email came within seconds, so I am not complaining at all!.. o)

Nice as well:
All upgrading/paying and currency exchange was possible on (I used paypal).
So, I'm satisfied to the bone! o)