Required reboot is it really required?

Is it absolutely necessary to require a reboot after update? I did not install as the explorer replacement. Why does Opus need to reboot?

A reboot is quite a huge and annoying undertaking in my current world.

Windows 10 has become so stable that it can run for months without reboot, and any way to avoid forced reboots would be great.

In fact the ONLY reboot I ever have to do is
a) because of certain Windows updates (rarely)
b) because of DirectoryOpus updates
c) because of some program installation that installs hardware drivers, like CD Burning software or some such (very rarely)

It would be nice to get rid of b)


It's the most reliable way to get everything working, even if you didn't choose the Explorer replacement. Some reasons were discussed here:

[url]Restart after update]

[url]FAQ: Problems installing Opus]

A reboot is required if existing files are in use at the time of install. If no files are in use then it won't require a reboot.

As for b), you can turn the automatic update off in the internet / updates section of your preferences.

I see thank you for the information. I did not realize that it will ONLY ask for a reboot if something is in use. That is already the best behaviour.