Resize images

Why is it that if I try to resize an image to 1920 x 1080 with the following code:
Image WIDTH=1920 HEIGHT=1080 HERE

The two values are never changed correctly, sometimes the resulting width is 1920 and height close to 1080; and other times the resulting height is 1080 and width close to 1920.

A behavior similar to:


The images probably have EXIF rotation flags set, so their dimensions are swapped. You can tell the image converter to rotate by the EXIF amount as part of the conversion/resize.

Thank you very much @Leo, I will try to correct that detail!

Hi @Leo, I have tested with several images without any type of EXIF information and I cannot change their sizes to the measurements that I specify, it is as if the "Maintain aspect ratio" option was specified, is there a way to force a new size without maintain aspect ratio?

Oh, sorry, I misread / misunderstood what was wrong.

So you want to distort the images? Your command looks right to me.

I think this is a bug. Will look in more detail next week.

True @Leo, when it comes to photographs it can cause distortions, but when it comes to uniform colors, patterns, etc., it will not cause distortions. Ok, take a look when you can, I really appreciate it!