Resize two stacked listviews proportionally without covering each other

I have two listviews in a dialog. When vertically resizing the dialog window I want both to proportionally resize. So I change the resize property to Height shared
Resizing is now fine
But then on window increase the top listview covers the bottom one since the position of the bottom one doesn't change, only its height

If I change size to "Height", then the position of the bottom listview is ok, but then its height doesn't increase

Can I do both? Resize them proportionally and maintain their relative positions (the top listview should be "glued" to the top, and the bottom listview should be "glued" to the bottom)?

_ResizeVert.dcf (2.1 KB)

The "shared height" mode works as long as the two controls don't overlap each other. I suspect that's the issue. Add a small gap between them.

but they didn't overlap, just had no gap, which I removed intentionally :frowning: Oh well

We'll make this work in the next update.

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