Resizing Tiles like Windows Explorer

Earlier this evening I was having a discussion with a friend asking him how he liked Directory Opus after he had asked my recommendation for a replacement for Windows Explorer. He said he tried it, but gave it up because it didn't do one thing that he has long done with Windows Explorer.

In Windows Explorer, in a window with a tile view, you can hold down CTRL and then use the mouse wheel to dynamically resize the tiles. I tried this in Dir Opus and it doesn't seem to work, so I thought I'd come here and make the suggestion, as I assume Dir Opus attempts to offer at least all the features of Windows Explorer and then some.

While I was screwing around, I also noticed that the Lister Viewer Pane doesn't seem to know what to do with M4V files but handles MP4 files with aplomb. Is there something special about M4V files that make them more difficult to work with? Right now it just shows me a HEX view of the file.

Opus supports dynamic resizing via Ctrl+Wheel in Details, Power and Thumbnails modes but not in Tiles mode at the moment. (Tile sizes can be set via Preferences / File Display Modes / Tiles, of course.) We may add it for Tiles mode in the future.

For M4V files, you may just need to add the extension to the Movie plugin via Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Plugins. Failing that, Enable/fix playback of various media formats in Opus has general suggestions on codecs etc. (If you do need more help with M4V playback, please start a separate thread.)

Thanks for the speedy response! :slight_smile:

I guess I am at fault for choosing the word "tiles". I was thinking they're like tiles, but I was actually in the "view large icons" mode on Windows Explorer, as opposed to the same mode in Dir Opus.

In explorer I am seeing a preview of the file contents (so different icons for each file, i.e. a frame of video in my case) that can be resized up and down with the CTRL/mouse wheel. In Dir Opus I am seeing the VLC icon for any and all files in the directory, rather than something previewing each individual file, and obviously there is little point in resizing the VLC icon. :wink:

I believe it is this behaviour that my friend was missing.

I'm not sure what "Power" mode is... I guess I'm too new to Dir Opus myself to understand all the terminology. (Just as a point of reference though, I remember using Dir Opus on my friends Amiga 500 many, many years ago :wink:

I will check your suggestions about the M4V files...

It sounds like you want Thumbnails mode.

You can find a short description of the power mode here:!Documents/View_Modes.htm