[RESOLVED] Can't see Subversion icons in listers


I've recently installed subversion and Tortoise etc and ws wondering if it's possible to see the subv. icons in the lister window (takes some of the confusion out of not knowing which files have been updated etc :slight_smile:

I can't see an option to display them and they're not showing by default.



Which versions of Opus and Tortoise-SVN are you using?

Make sure you don't have Generic Icons turned on for the type of drive you're viewing. (Preferences / Folders / Options: Display generic icons for...)

I don't have a SVN server to test against but I use Tortoise-CVS and Opus pretty much every working day without any problems. There have been compatibility issues in the past, and more it seems with the SVN version than the CVS version, but usually in the Context Menus (I think because Tortoise owner-draws all its menus for some reason) rather than the file icons.

Silly question, but the icons show up in Explorer, right?

By the way, Tortoise will also add columns that you can use to show e.g. the version number, modification status, binary/ASCII format, etc. of files. In Opus they'll be listed under the Special group of columns, along with any other columns added by shell extensions. If the icons aren't working for some reason then maybe the column will still work for now.

Ahhh many thanks !!!!

My SVN stuff was on a netowrk folder and generic icons was set :slight_smile:

All working now - thansk very much for your help!


Hi there i am using tortoise and i have deactivated generic icons, completly. I see the tortoise icons in the navigationtree on the left (green check etc) but not in the file view on the right. :frowning:

Do you have an idea what that could be?

Which versions of Opus and Tortoise (and is it CVS or SVN Tortoise?), and do the icons work in Explorer? What about the additional columns that Tortoise adds, do they show up in Opus and/or Explorer?

The newest opus and tortoise version. Uhm its the CVS Version i think. Yes they do show up in the explorer. And yes i can see the extra colums.

I've updated to the latest "stable" Tortoise-CVS release, 1.8.24, and the icons still show up in Opus for me. I rebooted just in case.

You definitely don't have Generic Icons turned on for the type of folder you're using? If you copy, say, DOpus.exe to the same folder, does it show a generic "program" icon or the Opus 8 logo by the file?

I am 100% sure! I copied my dopus.exe into the cvs folder and it shows the dopus icon. (that wierd yellow dot with a harddisc).

Do i maybe have to re-check my files?

I'm stumped. If Tortoise is generating the extra columns and Opus can see them then I can't think why the icon overlays aren't working in Opus when they do in Explorer...

Maybe someone from the Tortoise team would have an idea.

I am still not able to resolve the problem. I really dont understand why i see the icons in the treeview but not in the fileview! Mannnnnnn that makes me freak out, i hate it when a feature should be available but i cant use it :frowning:

Okay the Problem starts to become more and more wierd.

The "Generic Icons" setting has no effect! I turned it on and changed it just for fun to "all folders" and it still shows me the programm specific icons, even after a restart. I reinstalled dopus, still the same.

Is there any options which overrieds that one in the Generic display options?

I don't think there are other options which will affect the Generic Icons option.

What happens if you turn it off completely (remove the checkbox), OK (don't Apply, do OK instead) the Preferences dialog, then go back in and turn it back on again?

For me as soon as I turned it on for all drives I could go to, e.g. the Opus directory, and everything including dopus.exe had a generic icon, instead of the Opus logo and so on.

Do you have any icon-replacing tools running?

The icon does not change. It allways shows the dopus symbol.
I tried all combinations (restarting inbetween included) the option does nothing for me.

No, i dont have any icon-replacing tools running.

I wonder if in fact Littlex had installed SVN (and not CVS as he claimed)... I just installed SVN and also can see the special icons in the folder tree - but not in the file display. The version info for everything I'm running is:

TortoiseSVN 1.3.3, Build 6219 - 32 Bit
Subversion 1.3.1,
apr 0.9.7
apr-iconv 0.9.7
apr-utils 0.9.7
berkeley db 4.3.28
neon 0.25.4
OpenSSL 0.9.8a 11 Oct 2005
zlib 1.2.3

Have to say - I find the shell integration in Toroise to be really handy!

Well thats what my TortoiseCVS About window says:

TortoiseCVS Version 1.8.25
CVS Version: Concurrent Versions System (CVSNT) 2.5.02 (Servalan) Build 2064 (client/server)
SSH Version: TortoisePlink Release 0.56

[quote="Littlex"]Hi there i am using tortoise and i have deactivated generic icons, completly. I see the tortoise icons in the navigationtree on the left (green check etc) but not in the file view on the right. :frowning:

Do you have an idea what that could be?[/quote]

hate to bring up an old topic lol...

but this is really bugging me lately.. i just recently came across opus and im totally loving it.. but i do a lot of SVN stuff.. and like others said i can see the overlays in the folder tree and the extra SVN columns are there.. but not being able to see the overlays in the file list itself isnt really too helpfull if as i cant see the specific files that have changed

i tried every combination with the generic icons and it didnt seem to make any difference.. has anyone been able to get this working by now?


  • DOpus 9
  • TortoiseSVN 1.4.3 (build 8645)

Are the files on a network or a local drive?

You tried with generic icons turned off completely (turn off the checkbox and ignore the drop-down), right?

ive tried it with both a fixed local drive and one of those little usb drives and on both it shows the overlays in only the folder tree...

also tried unchecking the generic icons option as well..

heh too bad there isnt a column that says whether its current or diff.. id even be totally happy with that lol :-\

There is, or at least there should be. It'll be under the Special category (where all 3rd party columns go).

oh wow thats embarrassing lol, i feel pretty dumb now lol.. didnt even notice the 'SVN status' column jeez lol

well that will do for me heh.. thanks :smiley: