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@resolvelinks command modifier does not work on junctions and symlinks

@resolvelinks command modifier does not work on junctions and symlinks.

It's for Shortcuts (.lnk files) primarily.

You don't usually have to worry about the other kinds of links.

What are you trying to do that isn't working?

I'm trying to copy a junctions's target to the clipboard.
I'm guessing not many people want this.
I found an AutoIt script I can use (it's called _GetReparseTarget).

Copying the junction itself should usually have the same effect, unless I'm overlooking something (which is quite possible!).

If you want a native Opus solution, the FSUtil.Resolve scripting method can resolve junctions to their targets (when the j flag is passed to it).

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I meant I want to copy the the PATH of a junction's target.
FSUtil.Resolve works great for that.
Thank you.

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Ah, that makes perfect sense now! Sorry for being slow.

You're good -- they way I worded that was the problem.
Have a good one!