Restart after update

What is with this "willy waving" competition to avoid rebooting?

226 days is absolute madness. It isn't just updates that this compromises, but many other things, not least the carp that other software leaves hanging around.

I am proud to say that I shut down my PC at the end of every day. It turns itself on again in the morning, before I start work.

But on the issue of Opus updates, rather than ask for positively dimwitted solutions, like "do it without telling me until the last minute" (NO THANKS), how about an option that says "update when I close Windows/shut down"?

If Opus, unlike just about anything else I use, insists on an "update boot", then at least allow users to schedule the process when it suits them. If I am busy doing things that I do not want to interrupt, I try to remember to update at the end of the day, when I am about to shut up shop. I apply the update, turn down the offer to reboot, and simply shut down. The update then completes when the PC next boots itself in the morning.

We're sure you are already capable of running the Opus update when you choose to shut down your PC.

We don't release updates that often so the actual difference any of this will make to normal people is small and the amount of time spent just answering this thread is getting a bit silly.

We're likely to ignore any further comments on this to focus on real work.