Restore previous selection (no operation done before)

Is it possible to restore a selection, which wasn't finished by an operation before (after you deselect it, e.g. by accidantely clicking into lister in non-powermode)?

I don't think so, but maybe the Reselect command could be made to do that. I can't think of a reason why not at the moment.

Yeah, selection history! I would like that too! o)
At times you really need to concentrate hard on where and what to click to not destroy your current selection.
I make use of SelectEx to "backup" selections to memory at times, maybe that is of help to you too, Sasa?

There's always checkbox mode, for when the selection is complex enough to worry about losing it by misclicking.

@tbone: Yepp, using already SelectEx.

@Leo: Yes, but imagine you are selecting files, suddenly you get a call from a customer who needs help, you look e.g. for a file and switch to another folder... voila! Or one of your cats jumps onto your table and accidantely hits a key or presses a mousebutton with her paw. :wink:

A frequent occurrence in this house! :laughing:

Regards, AB

That's precisely why i never let customers or cats interfere with my work. :wink: