Restored preferences from Backup don't last

I've had to re-install DOpus on a new system. I have a Backup of all my preferences, and when I restore them and do a "replace all" everything is fine. But if I close all listers and then re-open them, my preferences are gone, and I have to do another restore.

What am I doing wrong? Why aren't they saved?

Which preferences are "gone", specifically?

Basically all customization is gone, toolbar layouts etc. - It's gone back to the DOpus defaults on an initial install.

OK, more info I'd forgotten (restoring a system is such a pain).

I actually copied the DOpus config folders from a backup of my old C: drive. All went well and things looked fine. So I created a Preferences Backup immediately for safekeeping.

And I've been using that Backup every time I do a restore. Could the folder copies be the cause? Should I try an uninstall/reinstall and THEN restore the backup?

Try using the Settings > Toolbars > Set As Default Toolbar Set command, it sounds like maybe your initial layout has a non-default toolbar set which is being lost after those initial Listers are closed.

Sorry, but Settings > Toolbars > doesn't have a "Set as default toolbar set"

I tried an Uninstall/reinstall + an upgrade to the latest version - no difference.

If you're using the default toolbars for Opus 12, it should be here:

If you need to add the command to custom toolbars, it runs this: