Restoring DOpus configuration

DOpus (v12.30 Windows 10) crashed when I was opening a popup folders list from one of the lister's breadcrumbs. It has no reaction after the crash and could not be restarted. After rebooting my PC, it starts but with this screen:

Reinstalling DOpus did not help. Any suggestion on how I could restore my configuration (menu, toolbars, etc.).


First question: do you have a config backup?

I'm not sure this will help, but try clicking the Opus icon at the left of the title bar.

Does this give you a menu containing Customize?

If so, select that, then the Toolbars tab.

Maybe you can turn on toolbars from there.

If you're really lucky, maybe you will get a toolbar (Menu) with Settings and then Backup and Restore, only useful if you have a config backup.

Alternatively, instead of just reinstalling Opus, uninstall then reinstall. That should get you a default config which might be better than what you have now.

Yes. That helped restoring the toolbar. Then with the "Settings, Backup and Restore" menu, I was able to restore a one-year old backup that was quite similar to what I had today.

Thanks @rcoleman1943 !