Restoring previous modified date after adding a description

After adding a description, the modified date is updated, rightfully so.

However, I prefer to have the original modified date restored.

As a workaround I use the following steps.
Regretfully I am missing the skills to combine them into a script/button.

After selecting the file(s):

  2. Add description (ctrl-p) - modified date(s) are updated
  3. reselect files
  4. ClipboardEx PASTETIMESTAMPS=modified

Vainly searched for a setting to preserve timestamps.

Any better solution for this?


There are options under Preferences / File Operations / Metadata to control whether updating metadata also bumps the timestamp.

Ahum ...

Super, thank you!

That's a timesaver.
Actually, within settings, I searched for/filtered on 'Description', so I missed this.