Resume Transfers for Non FTP + Overwrite Files if Target Size is Smaller Than Source

Two features I really miss from DO,

  1. Ability to resume file transfers (non FTP). Why do I need to use other 3rd party software to achieve this when I pay for DO?

  2. Option to Overwrite Files if Target Size is smaller than source size

I read something about point 2 being possible with scripting and that you would help verified DO Subscribers.

Is this for a situation where you have large files and a process which only appends data to the end of them when it updates them, without ever modifying the data that came before?

Or is something doing partial file copies on local drives and leaving the half-written file there, which you want to resume? Or something else?

Not sure if I understand, my situation is:

I transfer some large 10-50GB Files (usually video files) If it cuts off or I stop the transfer, from drive to drive, partition to partition, drive to google drive, or drive to NAS or another network share locally on my network, I want it to resume the transfer if only parts of the file was uploaded prior and skip the file if the file size is equal.

Worst case scenario, if no resume, overwrite the file if the target is smaller in size.

I’m not sure how reliable that would be. Non-FTP file copies that are aborted cleanly will delete the incomplete file. Ones that are stopped half-way through due to an error like the drive going offline unexpectedly may leave the target file data in an unknown state, where resuming it may leave the file corrupt. The file would need to be checked, which would take almost as long as copying the data again.

Copying can be done via overlapped/async I/O which may mean there’s missing data before the end of the file, so it would not be as simple as checking the very end.