Retrieve the Description from a filename

I know I can set the description using 'Dopusrt /acmd setattr description' and clear it using
'Dopusrt /acmd setattr setdescription' but is there a way to retrieve it using Dopusrt (or some other command line ability).

Bob Gregory

You can get it using a script, which is probably the way to go, although it may depend on what you need to do with it once it is retrieved.

I am currently using Descript.ion files and I want to eliminate all of them. I have a VB application that reads the current Descript.ion files and I then shell to Dopusrt passing the
description but I do NOT want to "reapply" if there is already one defined. I also don't want to do this from the GUI. I have many different VB apps that currently are creating the Descript.ion files and I would like to keep using them, just using the "NTFS comments" technique. Maybe this is possible with a script or Powershell but I probably would not be able to call it from VB and most certainly would not know how to write it myself.

If you're doing it from VB, you might be able to read (and write) the data directly. For files it's actually done via a Windows API; it's only folders that use something specific to Opus. Details are here:

The Opus-specific NTFS ADS data is used for labels as well as comments (and for labels, it's stored against both files and folders, unlike comments), so if you're writing the data that is something to be weary of, as replacing the whole thing could remove your labels (if you have any).

Thanks Leo. I will check this out.