Return to the where the previous lister was open?

When I use Directory Opus to reopen/examine a previous folder that I had open I'm always brought back to the first item in the list. I would like instead to be brought back to the spot that I was previously at the last time that I was in that specific folder. Is there a setting that I'm missing that would allow me to accomplish that?

Turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Update Default Lister automatically when closing a Lister (and make sure you're opening the Default Lister, but that's usually the case unless you're using a layout or something custom).

Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction.

What if I'm using a custom layout? Is there an equally easy setting that I'm also missing? If there is one, will it only apply to that specific layout?

If that setting is on and you close a window from a layout, it will become the new default lister (the same as any other window you close). So you could then open the default lister to re-open the same thing again.

So, are you saying that if I open my custom layout it wont remember anything? With this setting I have only the choice of opening a default list and if I have multiple folders open via separate lists they will all return me to the same spot using the list that was last closed?

Might be what you want:

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'll give it a whirl. :slight_smile:

One more question related to this. If the view is set to "Detail" and I'm in a folder with 421 entries of which I have selected a name toward the end of the list. Will a script be able to not only position the whole window but bring me back to the highlighted line I was on when the window was closed so I don't have to scroll through the entire list again?

No, selections and scroll positions won't be remembered.

Not even with a script?

It might be possible with a script but not easily, and there isn't an existing script that does it, that I can think of at least.

Selection and scroll position are ephemeral things which can be recreated quickly and easily. I'm not sure it makes sense to save them when you close the window. If you need to make a note of certain files over a long period of time, to come back to things some days later, using labels or collections would probably make the most sense.

OK, thanks anyway. :frowning: