Right Click Context Menu lag (onedrive folders)

Hi, just recently I noticed a very long lag for the context menu to show up in dopus upon a right mouse click (~30s) on a file that is part of a onedrive directory. I noticed that when I copy the file into a directory outside the ondrive directory, e.g., c:\tmp, the context menu shows up right away.

Windows explorer brings up the context menu right away regardless whether the file is located within a onedrive managed/synced folder or not.

I am running dopus 12.30 x64. I uninstalled dopus and tried it without my customizations applied (restore) but I am seeing the same behavior.

It's usually caused by a shell extension something has installed.

If you have iCloud installed, see here:

(We have not been able to reproduce the issue with iCloud, so if that is what's causing it, please send us some Process Monitor logs before anything else, so we can try and get to the bottom of why it's slowing things down. Details are in the post I linked to.)

More general troubleshooting steps can be found here:

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The iCloud link did it... Thanks a bunch for the quick tip

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Any chance of the Process Monitor log (with the problem still happening) so we can try and fix whatever's going wrong?

I sent you the logfile in a DM. Thanks for debugging this

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Many thanks!

I had the same situation. I only had a long (~30 second) lag when right-clicking on a file in Directory Opus within a OneDrive folder. I found it by using Sysinternals DbgView and turning on context menu debugging in DOpus advanced settings. Additionally, I had only installed iCloud. I had never completed the setup by logging into my iCloud account. After reinstalling and completing the iCloud setup I no long lag when right-clicking in OneDrive.