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Right-click hangs for a full minute


Using on WinXP Pro.

Suddenly I can't do right mouse-clicking in D Opus -- it hangs for a minute or more before displaying the context menu. I can't Esc out of it or close the program from the taskbar; I have to use Task Manager.

This has only been true for the past 3 days.

Right click works fine in all my other software. It also works fine on the install on my laptop.

I completely uninstalled D Opus yesterday and reinstalled, and today I downloaded and installed the latest version, but it's still happening.

I've looked at the FAQs and not found anything; I hope you can help.



See this FAQ for how to determine which context menu extension is causing the problem:

Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files

This write-up may also be vaguely useful, though everything you need should already be in the FAQ above: ... ss_28.html

I've finally found out what was causing right-clicking to hang DOpus. I worked through the FAQ and the blog and their links; but the problem didn't go away.

Finally I noticed that if I right-clicked in Windows Explorer, and rolled the highlight down the context menu, it stuck on 'Send To'. Clicking on Send To had no result, even though there were several links in C:\Documents and Settings\Mary\SendTo.

I found that there was also a folder in C:\Documents and Settings\Mary named 'SendTo-'. It also contained several links - not the same ones as in 'SendTo'.

I set a System Restore Point, moved the contents of SendTo-' into SendTo', and deleted 'SendTo-'.

When I refreshed the view in Explorer, the context menu came up faster, and the Send To line now displayed the links in the 'SendTo' folder.

More importantly, the same is true in D Opus! I now have a fully working program.

I have no idea how I acquired a 'SendTo-' folder under Docs and Settings, especially since I almost never use the Send To menu.

Even though the forum help wasn't directly relevant to the problem, it did get me thinking and experimenting - so thank you!


That makes sense. I think Opus builds the full menu, including all sub-menus, when you right-click while Explorer only builds each level as you open it.