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Right click on a file brings up the windows not Opus context menu

*I have just upgraded to DOpus 12. I used version 11 for a few months but not much more so I am still pretty new to DOpus. *

I have just watched the DOpus 12 video showing the new features. I had a list of questions that I have solved looking at the big FAQ but there is one I really basic one I need help with.

In DOpus, when I right click a file to set a Status, as per the Opus 12 intro video, I get the windows context menu not the DOpus one. What setting do I need to change?


Could you post a screenshot of what you see? Please include the full window so we can see the folder as well as the menu, as that might be an important detail. (Some types of folders/devices will be delegated to the Windows shell, although it is quite rare these days.)

Please also link your account.

A reboot seemed to fix it.

Thank you for your quick response.