Right click on scroll bar?

Does dopus allow to right click on the scroll bar and bring up options?Cause i i like something from windows explorer...at all it's the fact that if you're in a window with a large list of files where lots of scrolling must be done,it helps to right click on the scroll bar and hit "scroll here".

At first glance dopus seems to be missing this,or i may have not found how to enable it.

So it is possible for this to be done?

And to take it to the next level since dopus is so innovative i would suggest to put flags/bookmarks on the scrollbar that mark a scroll bar position.Like middle click on a given point of the scroll bar to add a "
quick scroll" and access it whenever someones desires to.

This feature isn't available in DOpus (as far as I know). There's also another post about this subject: [url]Scroll here].