Right click on SFTP tab crashes


I've opened a SFTP, and when I right click on the tab DO crashes with the error window "An error occured reading folder: General error.".

After clicking OK the "right click window" appears (open, download, copy to clipboard, ..., properties). Be sure to click on the tab name!

This doesn't happen with a normal FTP connection.


I can't reproduce the problem so far.

What's printed into the FTP log (Tools -> Output Window) when you right-click?

It should trigger a read of the parent folder and result in a couple of lines like this:

SSH: Listing Directory
SSH: List complete 18 files.

(The count will be 2 greater than the number of displayed files in the parent due to the "." and ".." entries.)

Sorry, I may have forgotten to tell that I connect via a tunnel.

To avoid display problems with the screen shots and keep it readable I'll add multiple comments.

Here is the error when I right click on the tab:

After clicking the error message away:

Here is the FTP setting in DO:

And the last - the tunnel setting in MindTerm:

I've made a right click with the mouse over the tab over the word "localhost".

The problem only occurs with tunneling and connecting via localhost.

Normal SFTP works.

Please let me know if I should report an error to GP.

Thanks a lot,

If I set up the same thing then I can see an error message when I right-click the folder. I'll report that to GPSoftware for you.

You said there was a crash, though? How do I reproduce that? Or were you just calling the error message a crash?

(Crash = the program stops working to me, not just an error message that you can click and ignore.)